Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 10 am

Unleashing the Gifts of Women for the Church: A prayerful dialogue with Co-Directors of Discerning Deacons

PRESENTED BY: St. Vincent De Paul
Should women be ordained as Deacons in the Catholic Church?

To preside at marriages, funerals & burial services, lead communities and groups in service to the poor, perform baptisms, read the Gospel, and preach the homily at Mass? Is there today a synodal call to unleash the gifts of women for the life of the Church?

The question of women and the diaconate is a living conversation. In a listening, participatory and synodal Church, it is a question not only for gatherings of the synod of bishops and for papal commissions, but also a discernment for the entire people of God.

Join us at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Baltimore on Saturday. September 24 at 10 am as Casey Stanton and Ellie Hidalgo, Co-Directors of Discerning Deacons lead us in dialogue on the role of women in the Church.

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