To Truly See, Recognize, and Appreciate

I came to Seattle from New Jersey in 1982 to serve as a Jesuit Volunteer at St. Joseph Parish. One of my reasons was to discern a vocation to the priesthood. The local church was alive under the leadership of Archbishop Hunthausen, where everyone (lay and clergy) was invited to share their gifts in service […]

Hagar’s tears are seen by God

When I was first asked to preach on the topic of ending violence against women for our St. Phoebe Prayer Service on Nov. 3, I immediately said no. I did not feel equipped nor ready to take on this task. To be honest, I felt small, that I didn’t have anything of value to contribute. […]

Discerning the Diaconate at Notre Dame

My classmate Sophie McDevitt Funari and I are third year students in the Master of Divinity program at the University of Notre Dame, and on Wednesday, September 28, we had the joy of welcoming Anna Nussbaum Keating and Dr. Phyllis Zagano to campus for a discussion about women and the diaconate. Sophie and I started […]

When the peripheries welcome the universal Church

It’s been said that Church councils can take up to 100 years to mature into their fullest expression. A seed of a vision is planted  — and then it takes several generations for that vision to grow its roots and extend its branches. This growth is not without tension as the People are God are […]