You will be my witnesses.”

(Acts 1:8)

The preparatory process for the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon involved 87,000 people bearing witness to their laments, hopes and dreams for their communities and the Church they love.

At the synod in Rome, bishops repeatedly affirmed that women are already doing the work of deacons in the region, and they asked that this ministry be seen and recognized.

The Synod formally requested to share their “experiences and reflections” with a papal commission on women and the diaconate, and Pope Francis immediately responded, saying:

“I pick up the challenge. A glove has been thrown down. The women have put up a sign: ‘Please listen to us. May we be heard.’ And I pick up that gauntlet.” 

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Here, we gather to listen to women serving in ministry today who are ready to be received as deacons in the Church. We also share prayers and hopes for our Church’s discernment, as we seek to bear collective witness to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

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Women need to share their spiritual gifts with others as deacons, serving those who are currently unserved, reaching towards the fullness of the expression of our faith.
Jill Caldwell
Parish and diocesan volunteer in Helena, Montana
Many women I know are competent Catholic ministers, discern a call, and deserve to be empowered by our institution and fully recognized in our communities. It would dignify our Church to recognize this reality.
Deacon Dennis T. Duffell
Regional Coordinator of Pax Christi Northwest in Seattle, Washington
“I dream of a Church that receives and empowers the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to each member. Ordaining women to the diaconate is one important way to recognize and strengthen the diaconal ministry that is already exercised by Catholic women everywhere.”
Luke Hansen
Campus minister and teacher, San Francisco, California
“To encounter a woman deacon would offer the world a different prism through which to meet and marvel at the truth of Jesus. The beauty of Catholicism deserves to reflect his bold collaboration with women.”
Fr. Michael Hickin
Pastor of three parishes in Cavalier County, North Dakota
“I do hope the Church ordains women to the diaconate soon. There is no reason why it should be postponed any longer, since women have done pastoral and spiritual ministry for many, many years! As a rural Pastoral Administrator, I have already carried out the ministry of a deacon.”
Sr. Mary A. Lamski, C.S.J.
Spiritual Director, St. Paul, Minnesota
“I find in Discerning Deacons a genuine understanding of and commitment to the process of discernment. I would encourage all who love the Church to engage in this process.”
Fr. Joe Doran
Pastor, St. Pius V Catholic Community, Pasadena, Texas

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