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Synthesis Report Released in English and in Spanish August 3, 2022

The USCCB prepared a “Region XVI report” as part of the synthesizing process, our DD contribution is reflected in this regional summary which includes national organizations, religious orders, and educational institutions.

Resources for the Continental Stage

Now is the time to build on the momentum the Spirit has already unleashed in the first stage of the global synod. Consider using the following resources to design and facilitate a gathering for synodal discernment on “Enlarge the Space in your Tent” with either your immediate community (parish, campus, ministry), or communities across your diocese or region.

Have you heard the Good News?!

On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, members of CEAMA and Discerning Deacons presented a synthesis of their Pilgrimage to Mexico City as a respectful contribution to the Continental Stage of the Global Synod. Click below to read the report, or visit our Pilgrimage page for more highlights from our journey.

Discerning Deacons Thematic Forum

A Synodal Thematic Forum for the Global Synod on Synodality: What’s the Holy Spirit saying to you about women deacons? How could ordaining women as permanent deacons help or hinder our church to grow in journeying together into the future for communion, participation and mission? 

Reports submitted by Discerning Deacons Synod Animators
Synodal Artwork
Synod Blog Posts
DD Animators by Location
DD National Consultation

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