Desarrollando los Dones de las Mujeres

Discerning Deacons presented the workshop “Unleashing the Gifts of Women for a Synodal Church” at the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress in partnership with LA Synod Coordinator Karen Luna. Karen brilliantly highlighted how women are playing pivotal leadership roles in the ministry of facilitating and animating synodal, listening conversations in parishes worldwide! During our February 25th […]

La predicación de las mujeres completa la voz de Dios

One of my favorite Scripture readings is the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. After she receives the promise of living water from Jesus, she is so taken with this encounter that she immediately walks about her community sharing her testimony. Her evangelizing impact is immediate, and Scripture tells us that many […]

Testimonios para quienes anhelan una palabra de esperanza

We are called to testify. We are called to testify to the greatness of God, to the vastness of this remarkable universe, to the grace that compels us to keep moving ever so slowly towards God’s vision of justice, peace, righteousness. Dr. Yolanda Scott Brown In this week’s newsletter we congratulate Discerning Deacons collaborator Dr. Yolanda […]

Preparándonos para la gracia inesperada de Dios 

This Advent season, as we prepare our hearts and minds for unexpected grace – God’s presence breaking into our lives in a new way — we’re delighted to offer several opportunities to engage in prayer, learning, and spiritual conversations as the People of God move into the continental stage of the global synod. We also […]