September 13, 2022

From ‘Isolated Consciences’ to Conspiring Protagonists: Commitments for Anti-Racist Synodality

PRESENTED BY: Discerning Deacons

Webinar || Discerning Deacons for a Synodal Church

A seasoned organizer, herself committed to walking the path of anti-racism with fellow white brothers and sisters in her parish community, recently reminded me: “You do it unless you are intentional about not doing it.” By “it” she means white body supremacy.

So how can we be intentionally anti-racist even in our attempts to discern our collective way toward a synodal church animated by listening to laments and dreams?

We’ll explore some of Francis own witness to growing in anti-racist sensibilities and commitments, as well as the wisdom we’ve already learned from people of color walking this synodal path.

On September 13th, Maureen O’Connell engaged members of the Discerning Deacons Community about how to be anti-racist in our journey towards becoming a Synodal Church.

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