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It is important to live this discernment together as a people. We welcome you to connect and be part of the conversation in house meetings and parish dialogues.

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Thursday, June 17, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET

The feeling of being part of a people can only be recovered in the same way as it was forged: in shared struggle and hardship. The people is always the fruit of a synthesis, of an encounter, of a fusion of disparate elements that generates a whole which is greater than its parts. A people may have profound disagreements and differences, but they can walk together inspired by shared goals, and so create a future. Classically, a people gathers itself in assemblies and organizes. It shares experiences and hopes, and it hears the call of a common destiny.”

Pope Francis, Let us Dream


Joining a welcome call is like stepping into a church and being greeted by a friendly face who wants to help you find your seat, and maybe introduce you to a few others who you are worshipping alongside.

We’ll be on Zoom. Would love for you to come with your camera on, ready to learn about the project and ways to grow the participation in this discernment through summer listening sessions and house meetings.

No worries! Drop us a line, and we’ll connect with you at another time.

To commit to hold sacred space, to listen, to encounter each other’s stories and hopes, and to bear witness. We personally engage in the discernment and also invite others into it. We slowly grow and build and deepen a collective, which can be a source of renewal to become a people, walking together.

  • Join a welcome call (listed above) and get started on the path.
  • Sign up for a virtual or in-person house meeting, as we seek to listen widely and deeply.
  • Host such a gathering, if you are inspired and interested! (We will offer support.)
  • Welcome others to join the discernment.
  • Accompany others as they grow in leadership and gather others into participation.

St Phoebe, 2018 ©Laura James
Used with Permission


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