Message to Pope Francis

Pope Francis wants to hear from you! Learn how you can share your feedback on the Instrumentum Laboris (IL) with Pope Francis and the Synod office at the Vatican.

The Invitation

On June 28, 2023, the official Instagram account for the Synod invited people to write to Pope Francis with their feedback on the Instrumentum Laboris. Click below to see the original post, which includes more ideas of how to participate.

Watch: IL Press Conference

Watch the recording of the presentation of the Instrumentum Laboris and Methodology of the first session of the XVI General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

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This Instrumentum Laboris (IL) was drafted on the basis of all the material gathered during the listening phase, and in particular the final documents of the Continental Assemblies...Its aim will be to continue to animate the synodal process in the ordinary life of the Church, identifying which pathways the Spirit invites us to walk along more decisively as one People of God.

Your Message to Pope Francis

How would you begin to answer the questions raised in the Instrumentum Laboris about our life together as a People of God? Write a letter to Pope Francis and the Vatican Synod office sharing your feedback on the questions raised in the IL. Your responses to this form will be shared with the Vatican Synod office and with Discerning Deacons. You may also contact the Synod office directly at

Section B 2.3 Question #4

Most of the Continental Assemblies and the syntheses of several Episcopal Conferences call for the question of women’s inclusion in the diaconate to be considered. Is it possible to envisage this, and in what way?​

section b 2.3

What concrete steps can the Church take to renew and reform its procedures, institutional arrangements and structures to enable greater recognition and participation of women, including in governance, decision-making processes and in the taking of decisions, in a spirit of communion and with a view to mission?

Tips for Writing Your Letter

Before you start your letter, spend some time prayerfully engaging with the Instrumentum Laboris resources above. How do you sense the Holy Spirit is at work in the Church today? What unique insights does your life experience reveal?

Choose one or more of the discernment questions below, or another question from the IL, as a starting point for your reflection.

At the heart of synodality is encounter and the transformation that ensues as a result. More than statistics or arguments, stories facilitate encounter. What is a story that brings to life the insight that you are sharing?

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