St. Phoebe Activity Book

Coloring pages, word searches, and other fun activities related to St. Phoebe, from the Deacon Circle at Immaculate Conception in Durham, NC. A great resource for kids—but fun for adults, too! Previous Next download

Who Was St. Phoebe?

Who was St. Phoebe? Download, print, and share this short resource introducing St. Phoebe, Deacon of Cenchreae. download Previous Next + –

St. Phoebe Prayer Booklet

A collection of prayers written by women across the Discerning Deacons network. Previous Next download

Discerning Deacons Tri-Fold

Download and print these Discerning Deacons brochures to use during your St. Phoebe Day celebration! Previous Next download Download with crop marks

Prayer Cards

Download and print St. Phoebe Prayer cards for free!! (for non-commercial use only).  Click the links below each prayer card to download a pdf in your desired language. The files linked in the right column include bleeds and crop marks for professional printing. To purchase professionally printed prayer cards, please visit our store. English Spanish […]

St. Phoebe Day Sign-up Sheet

Print this sign-up sheet and make it available during your St. Phoebe Day celebration so you can connect with others who are interested in growing the conversation about rethinking women’s participation during the Global Synod! download

Witness Flyers

Previous Next + – Download and print these flyers featuring Discerning Deacons Witnesses to use during your St. Phoebe Day celebration and to invite others to submit their witness testimony as the Church rethinks women’s participation during the Global Synod! download download – w/crop marks

“O Christ, You Call Us”

A St. Phoebe hymn from composer Bernadette Farrell, with thanks to the brilliant minister and liturgist Meredith Augustin, for this beautiful recording. Previous Next + – download zip Attribution Notes Please include the following attribution where you use this resource: “O Christ, You Call Us,” ©2021, Bernadette Farrell Download Notes Clicking the “Download” button above will […]

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