How to Throw a Great Synodal Discernment Party: A Discerning Deacons Recipe

Last week, in their Final Document for the Continental Stage of the Global Synod, the North American Synod Team indicated that we all need to be formed for synodality – all of us! How does this formation happen? By doing the thing. All we need is to circle up for listening, discernment, and forward momentum […]

North Americans are on the synodal path

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash Last Wednesday, the synod teams for the U.S. and Canadian Bishops Conferences released their jointly written North American Final Document for the Continental Stage. The 22-page document (excluding Appendices) captures the process and fruits of an historically unprecedented North American communal discernment of 931 delegates from our two countries […]

Becoming a Church that listens and discerns together

The second phase of the global synod is underway and by October 18, 2022 we’ll have guidelines from the Vatican about the next leg of this journey – the continental phase! We can think of no better guide to help us glean learnings from the initial phase and to prepare ourselves for yet another year […]

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