The night shall be as bright as day

"Vigilia Pascual en tiempos de coronavirus" Photo by Yandry Fernández Perdomo, La Habana, Cuba. on

"Vigilia Pascual en tiempos de coronavirus" Photo by Yandry Fernández Perdomo, La Habana, Cuba. on

What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you through these Holy Days, as you draw near to Jesus and seek the grace to practice resurrection? 

If you are in a parish with a deacon serving the community, I’d invite you to notice the role the deacon plays throughout the Triduum.  As you draw your eye to the liturgical ministry of a deacon, what does it signify about the role of the deacon for the Church? How does the embodied, liturgical service of the deacon invite the whole of the gathered assembly to enter in and participate in the paschal mystery we proclaim in a particular way over these holy days?

Finally – I want to share one of my favorite pieces of writing about Catholicism, it is Mary Margaret Alvadro’s account of a particularly apocalyptic Holy Thursday service and the ways Catholic women are the ones to follow through the storm… This gorgeous, brief essay  is one I return to frequently for reminders about what it is I love about Holy Week and the tradition of faith that carries us forward. 

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“It is time for our Church to acknowledge the role of countless women serving the people of God in positions of ministry and leadership.”
Deacon Guillermo "Memo" Rodriguez
“It is time for the Church to heed the Spirit’s voice, recognizing women’s call to the diaconate and allow the Spirit to restore and renew the Body of Christ so that it may fully live into its identity of missionary discipleship.”
M. Therese Lysaught, Ph.D., Theologian
Theologian, Doctor of Philosophy - Loyola University Chicago and the Pontifical Academy for Life (Chicago, IL/Madison, WI)
“I feel that the Catholic Church as it is structured is not what Jesus envisioned for his followers—so many of them were women of his day. What happened?”
Joan D. Martin
Ignatian Volunteer Corps Member, parishioner at New Roads Catholic Community in Belmont, MA

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