Making Good Trouble – with Hope!

Building Bridges North-South" virtual event, Loyola University Chicago with Pope Francis and students from North, Central and South America on Feb. 24, 2021. (Loyola University Chicago)

Last week an extraordinary virtual synodal conversation took place across the Americas. Pope Francis listened to Catholic university students from North, South Central America and the Caribbean as they shared their experiences, insights, frustrations and plans to make the world a better place on issues important to them like migration, climate change, and growing income inequality. 

For nearly two hours Pope Francis listened to university students, took notes, and engaged them in a dialogue in this Feb. 24 synodal event hosted by Loyola University Chicago in collaboration with other Catholic universities. The pope spoke in Spanish and translation was available in EnglishSpanish and Portuguese. In the weeks prior to this meeting with Pope Francis, regional synodal gatherings took place with 131 students at 58 universities from 21 countries.

One moment that stood out for me was when Pope Francis encouraged students to “armar lío con esperanza” which essentially translates into making good trouble with love. He encouraged students to be the conscience of society. I love this perspective that the synodal journey invites students to ask challenging questions of church and civic leaders, to point towards emerging frontiers, and to be rooted in the ideals, hopes and dreams of the Gospel.  

“The Holy Spirit needs us,” said Pope Francis, “This is the vocation of Christians; to build bridges. 

Nearly 6,000 people participated in the live streamed event, and if you didn’t get to see it last week, it is well worth your watch this week! It’s a model for the kinds of courageous and creative conversations that are possible as a People of God on the synodal path. 

Here’s the link to recording: Building Bridges: A Synodal Encounter between Pope Francis and University Students

You may also read this article about the event by Brian Fraga of NCR. 

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“It is time for our Church to acknowledge the role of countless women serving the people of God in positions of ministry and leadership.”
“It is time for the Church to heed the Spirit’s voice, recognizing women’s call to the diaconate and allow the Spirit to restore and renew the Body of Christ so that it may fully live into its identity of missionary discipleship.”
M. Therese Lysaught, Ph.D., Theologian
Theologian, Doctor of Philosophy - Loyola University Chicago and the Pontifical Academy for Life (Chicago, IL/Madison, WI)
“I feel that the Catholic Church as it is structured is not what Jesus envisioned for his followers—so many of them were women of his day. What happened?”
Joan D. Martin
Ignatian Volunteer Corps Member, parishioner at New Roads Catholic Community in Belmont, MA

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