St. Phoebe, pray for us!

Day 5 of the Novena to St. Phoebe

After months of planning and preparation, we are delighted to embark on Phoebe Day celebrations with you this weekend. As of this week, 160+ Catholic parishes, high schools, universities, retreat centers and organizations will commemorate the feast of St. Phoebe throughout the month of September. We will pray for the upcoming global Synod in Rome and reflect on the Church’s discernment about women’s participation, including the diaconate.

Here are a few of our educational resources available to download and distribute:

We also want to be inviting others to go on this synodal journey with us… Here’s one handout you can print that invites your community to Act on St. Phoebe Day

Find all of our shareable Phoebe Day resources on our website. And if you are just getting started on your planning, be sure to check out our Quick Guide for Hosting a St. Phoebe Day Celebration.

Are some people in your community still wondering if St. Phoebe really is a Saint? Fr. Felix Just was getting that question too, and so he wrote this thoughtful article in La-Croix International to help set the record straight and added a slightly expanded version to his website.

Finally, we’re so excited to share this recent podcast interview that Lisa Amman – the one and only phenomenal Discerning Deacons Deputy Director of Engagement – had with Colleen Gibson and Erin McDonald, the CSJ hosts of Beyond the Habit! The title of the episode is “Active Hope” – and this is a virtue Lisa cultivates in every encounter and challenge. Lisa has a gift for telling stories, inspiring others, stating things plainly, and wrapping it all in humor. You’ll definitely want to give this a listen!

¡Firme Adelante!

Ellie & Casey

Ellie & Casey

Co-Directors, Dicserning Deacons

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“[I hope the Church ordains women to the diaconate] to bring a wider witness and expression of God’s life, love, and presence to the people of God. Women’s voices and leadership will heal, encourage and empower the lives of men, women, and children. It will call forth a new understanding of church vocation and enrich Catholic family life.”
Deedee Van Dyke
Catholic Chaplain, Joliet, IL
“The first Apostle was a woman, Mary Magdalena. She continues to remain a tower of strength for women in ministry today. If more women were ordained to the diaconate in the Roman Catholic Church, I believe we would have more meaningful and spiritually enriching homilies, and our liturgies would embrace and welcome all to the Eucharistic table.”
Sonja Grace
“If I was ordained as a deacon, it would not be a means to an end, but rather it would be a continual invitation to a deeper and broader journey with Christ. Deacons are asked to become outwardly more visible as hands in service to the Church. To respond to such a vocation would be a treasure, a deepening of my inner faith life enriched by the outward experiences of ministry and service. Both the inner and outer journey become a longing to seek and know the Christ we are called to serve.”   
Nina Laubach
Student, MDiv program at Princeton Theological Seminary

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